Smart Parking.


Restrict access so your spot is always reserved.

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  1. Drive up to the Appark fitted parking space. The red light will illuminate to indicate the base is active and locked.
  2. Call with your cell phone to the number the Appark owner provided. The Appark will unlock and the light turns green.
  3. Get out of your car and push the Appark pole down towards the ground.
  4. Park your car on the parking space. After you leave the parking space, the Appark will automatically raise the pole again to reserve the parking space.


The 5-minute installation of Appark

  1. Place the Appark box on the parking space
  2. Fix it securely in place with the provided screws
  3. Attach the provided battery pack
  4. Surf to and create your own account.


Fill in the serial number of your Appark system and you’re done!
Your Appark is automatically linked to your account.

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Appark is paired up with a very intuitive interface to manage your parking spots.
For your convenience, it also works nice with your Outlook or Google calendar.


Other parking solutions require an expensive installation, have complex managing systems and need to be constantly connected to the power grid. Because of their overcomplex setup, the maintenance costs of those other systems grow rapidly.

Enter Appark, a simple but very smart solution that requires no maintenance at all.

The battery pack gives enough power for 12 months of parking service.
In your Appark account you can see the battery status of your Appark in real time.